2021 the year of balance

I’m honestly struggling to write this post, but I still want to finish it because it’s becoming a yearly thing for me. And I want future me to be able to find this snapshot of life when she looks back at it. Ending the year, and starting another is an arbitrary checkpoint for most of us to relook at our yearly goals and set new resolutions. I’ve not set any, because I wanted to flow. I think I’ve gained some momentum to flow from 2021 to 2022. Sure, there are some transitions and changes to get used to, but I’m still me. There’s no New Year, New Me. I’m always still ever changing.

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local bookstores matter

This became surprisingly long, but if you’re interested to hear about my memories of working at a local bookstore and why it matters to me - read on.

I realised I’ve not written about my 2017/18 bookstore days, and I thought I should before memories get murkier as years catch on.

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